Flash Back Friday 6/20/14 (CHLA Visit)

Flash Back Friday 6/20/14 (CHLA Visit)

Growing up racing motocross it was all I ever wanted to do but as I’ve gotten older i’ve realized motocross is much more than just a sport. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of putting together a pretty cool event at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Professional motocross racers Kyle Cunningham and Kyle Peters came out to visit the kids,sign autographs and take pictures with the patients. What a humbling experience for us all and it puts a lot of things in to perspective. These kids are the true heroes as they are the true fighters. For me personally it showed me the other side of all my philanthropy work that I do. Doing events that raise money and all that but I never saw this side of where the money goes to and it really left a good feeling in my heart that we continue to help organizations like this.CHLA is one of the best organizations I’ve had the pleasure of helping out with and just want to say thank you to everyone who comes to my events, the sponsors, Laura Gatewood and Albert Garcia at CHLA.

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